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Harmony4Life Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural and Life Coaching Bristol 

"10 reasons Harmony4Life

is a leader in its field"


1. Precisely defines desired outcomes


2. Produces long term results


3. Uses the most effective psychological techniques


4. Enhances personal effectiveness


5. Creates a tailored toolkit for life


6. Synchronises the conscious and subconscious mind


7. Offers a completely confidential service


8. Increases self-awareness


9. Tailors hypnotherapy


10. Presents a powerful range of downloads




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Welcome to Harmony4Life Therapy Bristol, proven results since 2006 

"...finding this website is the first step towards changing your life for the better..."

Have you ever wanted to... 

Stop procrastination

Be less of a perfectionist

Boost self esteem and self confidence

Use sports psychology to enhance performance

Increase emotional intelligence

Conquer driving test nerves

Be more effective at work

Improve interview skills

Enhance quality of life

Eliminate jealousy 


Hello, my name is Claire Paul and I am a trained Hypnotherapist, Occupational Psychologist, Life and Performance Coach.  I can help with all of the above and more....


~ I draw upon the most effective aspects of Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Performance Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to produce permanent and fast results

~ I offer this unique toolkit so that you can choose Hypnotherapy, coaching techniques or a combination of both, tailored to your needs

~ Using a combination, I can help activate change at both the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind; this ensures they are synchronised for fast, permanent and positive changes

~ From the first session you will take away simple tried and tested psychological techniques to help you make speedy progress towards your goals

~ Get my Self Assessment Package for free when you book your first session; this provides valuable personal insights and is designed to identify root causes of issues so as to reduce the number of sessions you need

~ I use the information you provide to tailor each session more precisely; the more personalised the sessions are (especially in hypnotherapy) the more effective they will be

~ I offer face to face, Skype, email or telephone coaching to suit clients needs

Contact me for a free, no obligation, fact finding chat (over the phone or online); I treat all information as 'strictly confidential'

The results...

Through my specialist approach you will be able to...

~ replace unhelpful beliefs/ behaviour patterns

~ focus on your goals in such a way that achieving them is so much easier than ever before

~ increase self awareness (key for any personal development)


About Claire Paul BSc (Hons), MSc, Dip. Hyp.

~ I am a trained Hypnotherapist, Occupational Psychologist, Life and Performance Coach

~ I pride myself on always providing the best service possible, in a non-judgemental and truly caring way

~ I will always treat you as the unique individual that you are - I will tailor each session exactly to your needs

~ I aim to offer a little bit more than you may expect and for you to come away feeling empowered and ready to take steps towards your goals in a way that you haven't done before

~ I will be 100% committed to working with you to help you release your full potential and achieve your dreams

~ I can work with you face to face, over the phone or online

~ I'm always researching and learning new techniques so I can expand my range and depth of services to clients

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Psychological techniques including cognitive behavioural coaching with hypnotherapy and NLP in Bristol


All of my techniques are completely safe and have been shown to be truly effective in improving the quality of people’s personal and professional lives through an exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment...

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Hypnotherapy will tap into your hidden potential.  It can do this by accessing your subconscious mind and breaking down any barriers that stop you achieving what you really want and deserve.  The techniques used in hypnotherapy are completely safe and you are in control at all times.


Coaching can facilitate improvements in your performance and life by developing, empowering and challenging you. I use a powerful combination of coaching techniques tailored to suit you and the area(s) of your life you want to work on...this includes NLP, Cognitive Behavioural and Life Coaching.


Subliminal Messaging MP3s

I offer powerful subliminal messaging MP3s.  Please click here to read more about what makes Harmony4Life's Six Segment Subliminal SystemTM unique.





Psychological techniques including cognitive behavioural coaching with hypnotherapy and NLP in Bristol



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Increase your confidence and self esteem      Stop unwanted habits  

Manage stress     Overcome anxiety       

Enhance performance, motivation, success and happiness in work & play..... and much more


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