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Am I experiencing stress symptoms?

If any of the following applied to you in the last week you may be experiencing stress symptoms. Read more below about how I can help.

Manage stress with Hypnotherapy and NLP plus CBT Therapy Bristol and North Somerset

Reduce stress now

I offer the following approaches to reduce stress so that you can be happy and feel in control of your life.

Whether you are suffering from physical, mental or emotional stress symptoms it is important to get help.

With my skills and experience I can help you...

A specialist area

Stress management is one of my specialist areas, which means I can offer many different tools and techniques to help you manage stress. My strong interest in this area started when I taught people stress management techniques during my undergraduate Psychology placement in 1995.

I have also worked as a relaxation therapist with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients and based my MSc Occupational Psychology thesis on stressors affecting NHS middle management.

My business has grown from happy clients who have been inspired to change their lives for the better and tell others about it. Check out what they've said about how I've helped them with stress...

Have you tried counselling or other approaches but not got the results you want?

I can help you get results quickly by using highly effective psychological therapy; from the first session you will take away simple tried and tested techniques to help you reduce stress and feel better.

For example Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful way to achieve complete physical and mental relaxation. Which? April 2004 stated that there is good scientific evidence that the following can help control anxiety, stress symptoms and panic attacks:

I can offer all of this and more to help manage stress. For example, coaching can also reduce stress by helping you to rebalance your life. It can help you feel happy, relaxed, challenged, motivated and in control of your life.

By taking a step back and looking at your life as a whole we can identify issues and generate solutions to change them. Any changes made to one area of your life will have a positive impact across your whole life.

The techniques I use work regardless of the root cause of stress. I can help you whether you’ve been affected by stress for a long time or only recently experienced it.

Try CBT Therapy, NLP Hypnotherapy and other psychological techniques to help you relax and manage stress symptoms

Free Self Assessment Package

Get my Self Assessment Package for FREE when you book your first session; this provides valuable insights and can get to the root causes of issues so as to reduce the number of sessions you need. It includes a depression, anxiety and stress scale along with other questionnaires.

I can help you wherever you are

I can work with you face to face, over the phone or online, just let me know what suits you best.

Tailored sessions

I will help you to reduce stress through a tailored approach to suit your needs. Together we can work out the best approach for you, e.g. Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, Coaching or a combination, depending on your needs or preferences.

I use the information you provide to tailor each session more precisely; the more personalised sessions are (especially in hypnotherapy) the more effective they will be.

Working on the conscious and subconscious for permanent positive change

I can use Hypnotherapy and at least one other psychological therapy to activate change at both the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind, in a completely safe way:

Hypnotherapy + other psychological/ physical therapy > synchronise your conscious and subconscious for permanent and positive changes

All of my techniques are completely safe and have been shown to be truly effective in improving the quality of people’s personal and professional lives through an exciting journey of self discovery and empowerment...

When does stress become a problem?

Stress is a normal part of life, it is only when it becomes too much for the individual to cope with that it becomes an issue. Stress can become a problem and affect our quality of life and the way we perform at work, if it is left unresolved.

The Health and Safety Executive defines stress as "the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them". This can result in a number of issues including impotence, tension, hypochondria, psychosomatic symptoms, illness, pain, avoidance of responsibility, etc.

Dr Hans Selye proposed a pioneering theory of stress and the mind-body connection. He suggested that illness can result from the body's failure to deal with emotional, mental or physical stress. In 1946 Dr. Selye published his theory of "General Adaptation Syndrome".

This stated that stress contributes to every disease and that inability to adapt to or cope with stressors can produce “diseases of adaptation”. For example, following a significant stressor or prolonged exposure to continuous stress, a stomach ulcer may develop or blood pressure may increase resulting in a heart attack.

The ‘fight or flight response’

As part of our natural survival instinct, which is stored in our subconscious minds, our bodies change when presented with any real or imagined threat. This is known as the ‘fight or flight response’, which assists the animal (ape or man) to deal with a threatening situation.

So naturally, when under stress/ pressure, your body will prepare for ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ by very quickly producing changes in the muscles and organs. This physically prepares you to run from the threat or to deal with it, after which the body returns to normal.

Even though the ‘fight or flight response’ is inappropriate for coping with much of our daily stress/ pressure the body continues to react in this way. So although work pressure or family arguments are not life threatening and it is not helpful to fight with your family or to run from work pressure, the body still goes through the physiological motions, so that we are tense and ready to fight or take flight.

What happens when tension builds up and isn't released?

Quite naturally if no action is taken we will suffer from a build up of unreleased tension. For example, if you experience a period of ongoing stress/ pressure your body will be in an almost permanent state of arousal. This means that physiological changes which can be useful in the short term, to maintain motivation, may be damaging in the long term.

Dr. Selye's theory explains the conditions in which more serious damage can happen in the long term. In the resistance stage, the body remains on the alert for signs of danger and the immune system fails to function effectively.

Following this, during the 'exhaustion stage', hormones continue to be released into the body and suppress the immune system so that it is further prevented from fighting off disease. At this stage of course the body is vulnerable to illness, hence Dr Selye's proposal that stress plays a role in every disease.

Some other stress symptoms – what to look out for...




If you are experiencing any of these stress symptoms please get in touch by email, text or phone to find out how I can help.

How I can help you...

I can work with you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be… CBT, Hypnotherapy and the other psychological therapies I offer can be tailored to address many issues, so if you would like to work on something that’s not included below get in touch.

Contact me

If you’re interested in taking the next step towards positive change get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

All messages come through to me personally, which I deal with as soon as I can. If you reach my answerphone please leave a voicemail or send a text or email.

I am happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. I will also create an effective solution tailored for you personally, if you choose to work with me.

Get in touch for more information, to arrange an appointment, FREE initial consultation or call back. All information is treated as strictly confidential.

Make positive change for life with Hypnotherapy and NLP plus CBT Therapy Bristol and North Somerset

Claire Paul (Hons), MSc, Dip. Hyp, Dip. LC/ PC, Psychologist Hypnotherapist and Professional Life Coach Bristol and North Somerset

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