Talking therapies Bristol & North Somerset

Maybe you've tried to help yourself before and have not quite achieved your goals? I take a unique approach using the talking therapies and other psychological techniques outlined below.

These are highly effective in changing unhelpful thought patterns and eliminating barriers that prevent people from living the life they want. All of these techniques can empower you to help yourself and achieve your goals.

I offer a FREE self assessment questionnaire, to get to the root cause of issues before we even start working together.

I will tailor each session to address your personal needs, using one or more talking therapies. The more personalised the sessions are the more successful they will be.

Talking therapies Bristol and North Somerset

How I can help you

As a Psychologist and Professional Life Coach I am committed to using tailored talking therapies to get results. I blend the most effective aspects of CBT Therapy and Solution Focused NLP.

All my Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions are tailored; the more tailored Hypnotherapy and NLP is the more powerful it will be.

I will tailor each Life Coaching session to meet your needs by using the most successful aspects of other talking therapies, e.g. CBT Therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Solution Focused NLP.

Try the latest therapy... outdoor swimming, usually in combination with psychological techniques, to reach a goal, e.g. complete your first triathlon/ open water swimming competition, increase confidence, overcome anxiety and depression etc.

Walking Talk Therapy can get you moving physically but also get things moving for you in other ways. Try it and see!

Find out how you could benefit from an Exercise Therapy Programme to address both your physical and psychological well-being. Research shows therapy combined with exercise can be much more beneficial than therapy alone.

Success stories from happy Harmony4Life clients

Happy people!

My business has grown from happy clients who have been inspired to change their lives for the better and tell others about it. Check out what they've said...

Tailored therapy using Hypnotherapy and NLP plus other therapies to help you find harmony and achieve peak performance

How I can help you...

I can work with you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be… CBT, Hypnotherapy and the other psychological therapies I offer can be tailored to address many issues, so if you would like to work on something that’s not included below get in touch.

Contact me

If you’re interested in taking the next step towards positive change get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

All messages come through to me personally, which I deal with as soon as I can. If you reach my answerphone please leave a voicemail or send a text or email.

I am happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. I will also create an effective solution tailored for you personally, if you choose to work with me.

Get in touch for more information, to arrange an appointment, FREE initial consultation or call back. All information is treated as strictly confidential.

Make positive change for life with Hypnotherapy and NLP plus CBT Therapy Bristol and North Somerset

Claire Paul (Hons), MSc, Dip. Hyp, Dip. LC/ PC, Psychologist Hypnotherapist and Professional Life Coach Bristol and North Somerset

FREE initial consultation: 07813 138 171/

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