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These success stories reflect results following hypnotherapy and NLP, and/ or cognitive behavioural coaching with me. I may also have drawn upon other psychological therapies such as Solution Focused Therapy- see the 'About' page for a list of approaches I draw upon.

Sessions may have been face to face, over the phone or online and some were reinforced through clients using supporting tools and tips via email between sessions.

For reviews online (by people who are happy to be named) see 'online reviews'. These reviews are from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Three Best Rated and Yell.

Thank you to all clients who have written testimonials, whether anonymous or named. These are really inspirational and can help people take the first step to move forward.

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Also see ‘Social Anxiety’ success stories below (driving test nerves, motorbike test nerves, public speaking and wedding nerves) 

Harmony4Life recommendation ★★★★★

“I am very pleased that I came across Claire and her services. When working with her it was very evident that she has a passion for her role and clients beyond making a living. Claire used a combination of hypnotherapy and other practical techniques to encourage helpful changes and good habits. Claire often followed up after meetings with additional useful information as well as encouraging feedback at meetings on actions and progress since the last session. I would have no hesitation in recommending Harmony4Life and have no doubt that Claire has had a positive impact on me and my objectives.”(written by MarkP-1126, 29 Jun 2019:

Great techniques and helpful advice ★★★★★

(Harmony4Life Therapy, Bristol | Coaching & Mentoring – Yell Review)

As soon as I spoke to Claire I felt really comforted, she has a kind an caring way of speaking to you and you feel like she really cares about how you are feeling. The techniques and advice she gave me to take away with helped me a great deal and she helped me reset my anxious brain, it was just the top up I needed as I have had therapy in the past but now and again my anxiety creeps over and she’s really helped me to not let it get hold of me again.
(written by SaraW-126, 26 June 2018: 2/3)

“I have been very impressed with the treatment that Harmony4Life has provided to my wife – She has struggled for many years with negative emotions and despite trying lots of different types of help and support has not managed to overcome these issues……..until now. She has recently attended 2 sessions with Claire Paul and I must say that I have witnessed a very noticeable positive improvement – I am extremely pleased with this. I’m not familiar with the supporting technique Claire has applied, but whatever it is, it undoubtedly works !!  I’m very much looking forward to even more improvement from the follow-on sessions which are planned over the coming months – Thank you Claire.”

“I was unsure if hypnotherapy would work for me but having tried many other things I decided it was certainly worth a try. Claire was happy to discuss concerns and ideas with me before I even booked and that was hugely reassuring and the personal touch made me feel more comfortable to give it a try.

I wasn’t sure what to expect or if it would work on me but Claire made me feel so comfortable and after just one hypno session, it has made such a big difference and I can’t wait for another one! It has made more a difference than I ever thought it would. Its like magic!

If you want to make a difference and you are ready to try hypno then definitely speak to Claire. It has made a huge difference to how I feel about my fear and my anxiety. Even after one session. Claire is fabulous and I would recommend her to everyone I know.”

“Thank you for all the sessions, I have found them invaluable.”

“I definitely felt it release the guilt, I feel lighter and clearer and really nice.  Its definitely helped.  I feel calmer, like I’m rushing around less and am more relaxed.  I feel less effected by other people’s negativity so when I was at work yesterday and a customer started going on about something I just responded calmly and stayed in control.  I have even managed to go on holiday and not feel guilty about going.”

“I feel like a weight has been lifted since our session; thanks Claire, I will definitely be recommending you”  (after one session of hypnotherapy for bereavement, 25 years after losing a parent).

“Thank you so much for the hypnotherapy session.  As you know that morning the mid-wife had said my blood pressure was extremely high and I would be closely monitored, a little higher and they would take me to hospital.  The next day the mid wife came back and hey presto my blood pressure had dropped significantly and had reached a normal level.  Skeptics may think this was just a coincidence but I didn’t do anything different, the only difference was being able to hold on to the level of relaxation I had achieved during the hypnotherapy session.  I still use this technique now, months after our session and find I can become deeply relaxed using it.  This is so important as you know and what a relief too, knowing that I can control my blood pressure!”

“After our hypnotherapy session I felt much less anxious and now my blushing is completely under control.  I will of course refer people to you.”

“Claire, I think you’re brilliant, I feel so much more motivated and focused.  Your ability to think and communicate clearly is great and meant that you picked up on the issues behind the words I used in our session.  Also the telephone coaching worked surprisingly well although I had reservations.  I would definitely recommend you.”

“I was in total limbo land when I contacted Claire.  I really needed some support from somebody completely removed from my life and career and the sessions I had with Claire really helped to get me focused again.  Even before the first session, I found the self-assessment pack really helpful to complete. In our sessions, I found Claire’s dedicated time and focused questions gave me different and helpful perspectives.  Claire was an excellent listener and I really appreciated her check-ins between sessions too.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire to anybody who has lost their direction and needs help getting back on track.”

“Claire is a great listener and during Coaching sessions with her she really helped me to think about what I wanted to achieve in my life and always gave me relevant practical advice on how I could work towards my goals. I learnt a lot about myself and she helped me to identify my strengths and the skills I have. I found the hypnotherapy I had with Claire extremely valuable and I have used the tools I learnt from it many times since.

Claire was really flexible and each session was adapted to dealing with the issues I needed to address. Claire helped me to think about what I really value in my life and helped me overcome obstacles that were preventing me from reaching my potential.”

“I felt I could talk to Claire about anything. She is calm, a great listener and really challenged me to think. I’ve learnt some excellent tips from Claire, many of which have become second nature in my day to day life. I look forward to my meetings with Claire and the positive ‘can do’ feelings I have when I leave her sessions. I always feel relaxed with her and she’s equipped me with many new and positive tools to tackle life in a more confident way. Huge thanks to Claire!”

“Claire is a wonderful human being, very supportive and a very great source of help if anyone is looking for counselling in any matter! She is very easy to get along with and listens to you attentively and you automatically feel very comfortable with her and are able to open up about your problems easily.

Through all the sessions we have had, Claire has helped me set goals, sent me very useful resources to help me to implement and understand any difficult situation I am facing and overall helped me achieve each aim and goal set between one session to the next! I would highly recommend Claire to anyone looking for a very experienced, friendly and professional counselling psychologist who definitely helps boost your self-esteem.

Thank you again so much Claire for everything you have done for me, I really appreciate it!”

“I found my sessions with Claire very useful and came away feeling much more positive and calm. She used a number of different techniques and gave me helpful tips and relevant material to read. I would highly recommend working with Claire, she is easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable.”

“2 years ago I didn’t feel at all empowered and felt like a kid.  Since starting therapy my ‘feel good rating’ has increased from a 5 to an 8.  I feel empowered, in control, able to handle responsibility without relying on other people.  I feel like I’ve grown up a lot.  Simply the act of starting therapy has been added to my ‘list of achievements’; it really is a big achievement in itself and has definitely contributed to the increase in my ‘feel good’ rating.”

“I’ve always been the one who struggled with confidence.  Yet this weekend, in fact the past few weeks, has been a completely different story – I no longer shy away from starting conversations, I’ve been approaching new people, and have even found myself seeking centre stage – how odd is that!  Funny how things change!  Speaking of change, I haven’t smoked since last Wed – am so chuffed that I can manage a whole week and am now sure that I can quit for good.  Also been to the gym nearly every day and, shock horror, actually played football last week – I wasn’t that good but who cares!

One of the things I’ve realised is just how restricted and unfulfilled my life was when I had no confidence – it’s amazing how changing your attitude/thinking opens so many new doors.  Also realised that my confidence suffered because somewhere a long the way I developed some kind of learned helplessness, whereby, it felt like there was no point in trying anything because I’d never succeed or be good at it (although sometimes I’d try too hard because of fear of failure) – now I do have perseverance, determination and faith in my abilities to do what ever I want.  Our life coaching work gave me the initial inspiration and motivation to change and I saw how bad things were (couldn’t have got to where I am without it – was the 1st crucial step, that I probably couldn’t have made on my own).”

“My confidence has increased from a 3 to 7.5 (on a scale from 1-10) in just a couple of sessions, which is exactly what I needed to help me move forward. This together with the session on procrastination has given me a new approach to life and I can see things changing already as a result of this.”

“After our first session my emotions have remained pretty much in check. There have been a few times when I have felt them bubbling under the surface, but no tears and the feelings passed quite quickly. I had to deal with a very aggressive man at work today but didn’t feel scared until after he had gone. I feel a new confidence to speak out calmly and not angrily.

A strange thought came into my head about three days after the session. I was walking into the shops and trying to think how I felt when the thought came into my head ‘I feel taller’.”

“I feel my self esteem has increased from a 1 to 5.5 (on a scale of 1-10) in just this session (coaching).”

“I found the affirmations gave me more confidence. Although I couldn’t say them out loud as often as I would’ve liked (living in a shared house, with thin walls and housemates that don’t often go out hindered me), I still tried to say them in my head and found this very helpful – especially if I was feeling a bit down because I’m single.”

I don’t know how it had such an impact but I’ve felt so much better since our conversation.

I was on my own unexpectedly on Sunday morning and although I felt worried at first, I ended up having a lovely day. I knocked on my neighbour’s door and we had a day out including fish and chips and then I did my new yoga class in the evening. I felt really good in myself, and it’s given me more confidence to continue. Tonight I’m going to meet two new friends for dinner, so things are looking up.

If I hit any bumps in the road, I will be back in touch…I hope not, though.

“As you know before I came to my first session with you I decided to come off the anti-depressants I had been prescribed. They were my only hope initially as I felt suicidally low but I really didn’t want to be on them due to the side effects and decided there must be a better way.

Looking back the first few sessions must have been hard work for you! I now recognise how low my low self confidence was and how negatively I was thinking.  Ok, it took a while to look you in the eye and smile for the first time in months but the coaching techniques made such a difference and really turned things around for me.  I know you say its my own work but I really appreciate how far I have come in terms of confidence and awareness of when I am thinking negatively and the impact of this.  Thanks for getting me this far :)”

“Just so you know, I felt really good till I got home, then had an argument and felt devastated, but for the first time in a long time i don’t feel like my life is hopeless or over! And anytime I get negative dark thoughts i find it easier to dismiss! But am certain more then ever now that I need to make big changes.”

Dental phobia/ Fear of needles

“I’ve done it- I’ve had an injection. I had to wait for a long time in the dentists waiting room and normally I would have lost my nerve and left but I used all the techniques you’d taught me and kept really calm. I feel this is a major breakthrough for me and I’m beginning to think really differently about my dental phobia.”

Fear of commitment

I’ve been dating for 2 months now, your session made me realise (amongst other things) that there were so many things I’d never thought about, its scary stuff but as you well know that’s a good sign, still have the odd wobble, but definitely much better.

Fear of food/ Fear of being sick
“After four hypnotherapy sessions for fear of foodstuffs my fear has gone from a 10 (on a scale from 0-10, 10 being the highest) to a 3. I’m getting on much better with all things food these days. I now eat a much wider range of foods and am much more likely to try new foods. Also I am able to eat out at almost any restaurant and feel ‘normal’. I would say I am 99% satisfied with the results of the treatment – perfection is rarely attainable!”

Fear of facing death
“My fear of facing death has significantly reduced resulting in my concerns about my health being less which means I feel I am able to start planning for the future again. I also feel that my sense of control, over the thoughts that were disturbing me, has now doubled.”

Fear of failure
“…my confidence suffered because somewhere a long the way I developed some kind of learned helplessness, whereby, it felt like there was no point in trying anything because I’d never succeed or be good at it (although sometimes I’d try too hard because of fear of failure) – now I do have perseverance, determination and faith in my abilities to do what ever I want. Our life coaching work gave me the initial inspiration and motivation to change and I saw how bad things were (couldn’t have got to where I am without it – was the 1st crucial step, that I probably couldn’t have made on my own).”

Fear of being paralysed
“I forced myself to watch a film related to my worse fear- being paralysed. I managed to watch it and accept that it was just a film and felt so much more detached and less anxious than I would have normally. I have less anxieties since our hypnotherapy session and am not so anxious over my kids coming to any harm; life seems so much easier.”

Toilet Phobia/ Fear of travel

Thanks so much for all your hard work getting me to where I am now.  As you know I’d suffered on and off for years whenever I travelled anywhere, with what I thought was a travel phobia. 

After talking to you and discovering it was in fact a ‘toilet phobia’ I began to understand that it was my fear of being too far from a toilet and not being able to get there on time that was the real issue.

I feel I have really changed the way I think about it all and have positive techniques to use on an ongoing basis.  As you know your suggestion of starting with smaller journeys helped; going to Bristol, the South East, London, Scotland and finally the biggee flying abroad.  It’s all been great with no problems, I just kept myself calm and relaxed all thanks to you.

I feel much more confident now and have made other positive life changes too as you know.  I also feel more excited about travelling than ever before and am able to do all the stuff I wanted because of the techniques you’ve given me and the Hypnotherapy sessions.  Thank you so much 😊

Since our hypnotherapy session I have seen a vast improvement overall. I really believe I’ve been cured and just this comforts me because I know I am ok and can sleep normally again. I feel so much happier in myself and overall a lot better in terms of general wellbeing because I now feel refreshed during the day.”

“I have slept really well and been a lot calmer and more relaxed.”

Interview coaching

“I went to Claire initially because I had an upcoming job interview which would be conducted in multiple stages. My previous experiences of job interviews had always been hindered by my nerves. I struggle with my self-confidence and I worry a great deal that I’m just not good enough to be there. For this interview, I had successfully completed a telephone interview and was asked to come to the next stage of the process for a ‘Strengths-based’ interview in person.

I went to Claire asking how best to tackle the questions in this sort of interview as I had not experienced this type before. She was very good at talking me through the process to help me understand what was required of me at this interview. She was also sympathetic to what worried me about it. She talked me through some very useful interview preparation tips and was available after this initial meeting for follow up questions by email. She provided me with some brilliant documents to clearly illustrate The SOAR technique. I found her support and insight to be very helpful.

In previous interviews I have often felt very nervous and unsure if I was conducting myself in the correct way. For this interview, I felt prepared and calm – what Claire had taught me helped me to feel confident. For the first time I also came out of the interview happy with my performance and feeling sure that I had done my very best.

I was so happy to be successful and was offered the job! Thank you Claire.”

“Thanks for the session, I found it very useful.  Just to let you know I’ve got a second interview on Friday – thanks for all your help with getting me this far.”

~ The value of mock interview questions and feedback after mock interviews

“The mock interview questions were very useful. I got a “real” chance to practice what I’d learned/ your technique and got real feedback which is always a good thing! This kind of experience is otherwise difficult to gain and the feedback I received was very useful in helping me to perform well at interview.”

“It was a good chance to practise selling myself in an interview and the feedback afterwards was really constructive and gave me some things to think about.”

“Re-assured me that a lot of what I do ( I hope!) is good interview technique.”

~ The importance of preparation

“The shock factor worked- it indicated to me the importance of preparation. It demonstrated the need to research the role, know the behaviours needed for jobs and be able to give examples for them.”

“It highlighted that I need to prepare loads before an interview. This has undoubtedly helped me to secure a job following a successful interview. The mock interview and discussing the relevance of hobbies was most useful to me in making me realise the value of preparation.”

“Having the mock interviews was an ideal chance to review my unique selling points. I have been able to recognise any gaps in my training and development and work on those for real interviews. It’s a good strengths and weaknesses assessment.”

~ The value of understanding interviews

“I felt it was really beneficial to understand what interviewers are looking for, how people are interviewed and various techniques. The mock interview was very valuable to me and the interview tips have helped me to be more prepared for interviews by giving me a good structure for answering interview questions. I learned that it was ok to ask clarifying questions and to ask for time to think.”

Professional CVs

“Your feedback on my CV has been a great help.  I now have some fantastic ideas as to how to make it more effective.  Thanks”

“Thanks for my cover letter and re-writing my CV- I’m really pleased with them and can’t wait to apply for jobs.”

“Thank you so much for taking care of my CV and the amendment, I really appreciate it. The cover letter is great.”

“Anyone can need help from time to time for a whole variety of reasons and starting to go for sessions can be very daunting in deed. I know that I wanted someone who would be non-judgmental, listen and help me unpick what for me was some very complex issues. Luckily I was recommended Claire and I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone else.

It didn’t take long to build up a rapport where I felt comfortable to talk about my issues and knew that she could be trusted. At times I couldn’t see the wood for the trees and didn’t know where to start so her use of questionnaire and other assessments really helped me prioritize where to start and understand myself better. Claire is helpful, constructive, warm yet professional, I found the sessions hard work at times but invaluable and have learnt many techniques to help me help myself.”

“Claire set the sessions up well, we always action planned prior to the session what we would talk about, she listened and probed during the sessions, then made suggestions for improvements and gave me a variety of options which I was able to use.

I always had further actions to complete before the next session, which were always challenging. Claire was challenging in encouraging me to complete actions, and when I had not we then re-evaluated and action planned for the future, or reviewed as to why it had been difficult and unachievable for me to complete. Reviewing was key to the process.

Claire is very intuitive and some really good work came out of the sessions, including:
– putting together action plans for journal writing which is something I had previously done, and was now encouraged to set up doing again; I found this particularly grounding during times of stress
– using positive affirmations such as “everything is all working perfectly”, and looking back as though I was 80 year old me to determine whether it would really matter
– reading my self-help books, to reinforce the positive message to myself
– realisation that I always give too much of myself too soon and realising that isn’t the best tactic to be when searching for long-term satisfaction in life
– excellent techniques for dealing with a new relationship that had been causing me some angst”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say I have very much valued ours sessions, they have been very helpful, constructive, warm yet professional. To be honest I am very impressed and would happily recommend you. Thank you for all your support in and between sessions.”

“Thank you for seeing me yesterday for our agreed coaching session. It was a most powerful and empowering session for me that enabled some profound conceptual and emotional shifts for a number of reasons, namely:

Because of (what I consider) the really professional, excellent rapport and ‘safe environment’ established in the previous session I was able to broach ‘taboo’ subjects without feeling the potential for total self-annihilation by exploring them in our coaching alliance. This is a big step for me. Its the first time I was able to articulate sensitive subjects that impact and permeate all areas of my life and stop me from going forward. In my talking/telling (being allowed to talk) and your ‘listening’ to my very sensitive ‘problems’( in the areas of self-worth etc.) have diminished in size and significance by the mere act of being respectfully and ‘deeply’ listened to – a first for me.

The areas visited yesterday – low self esteem issues, very strong feelings of not being valued and difficulties with establishing mutually satisfying and equally nurturing relationships (generally speaking) are pivotal and fundamental areas for me to address before I could productively move forward professionally.

I thank you for allowing me the ‘space’ to do my ‘long story’ approach to explaining something that may appear on the surface to be quite simple and straight forward for the average individual. For me it was deep stuff and the ‘round the houses’ / ‘long story’ approach was/is the only way I could have addressed such sensitive (to me) issues with my current skill base. The ‘long story’ approach allowed me time to process the pain and ‘slowly and gently’ come to the point of the subject without feeling annihilated by a ‘too much too fast’ strategy that I think might have left me feeling not truly listened to and ultimately feeling like I usually feel after attempted ‘listening’ encounters by friends. To have interrupted that process in favour of the more ‘focused’ and what may appear to be a more quantitatively productive approach would have left me cold. I do like/love/need structure but in this case it would have lost the plot – that one had to be slow and somewhat indirect for me.

This little soliloquy may appear disproportionate to what we covered yesterday but believe me its not. Profound stuff got covered in that session. Shifts occurred. I feel a sense of liberation from it and have already acted on the ‘empowerment’ it facilitated.

Our session yesterday was profound. If nothing else happened in out future sessions yesterday will make up for that. With an open mind I look forward to working with these self-esteem and other professional development and related issues in the future. Finally, there wasn’t anything I would like to have done differently in the coaching session yesterday. I can’t see how I could improve on it.

I found both sessions very useful in that they focused me on pertinent areas of my life that it would be easier to ignore. Getting these areas sorted to some degree is pivotal to progress in the professional areas.”

“The problem that I had identified for myself before I came to the coaching sessions was that I try to do too much and never actually achieve (highly – or to my expectations) on any of it. In addition I had not long been home from 2 years travelling and was trying to make a plan of my time, include new activities and ensure there was clarity, direction and the ability (and time) to achieve within that.

The techniques that we used were: wheel of life, values, work/life balance, some NLP techniques, plotting of highs and lows in life on time line (and identifying commonalities), activity planning and plotting. Many of the activities were useful in addressing time planning and assessing goals and whether they were achievable or unrealistic expectations.

The life line and the values were good exercises. The values were hard work but worth the effort to find out what you are really about and good for self understanding and focus. All in all I would say that coaching was very useful as time out to concentrate on what you are doing rather than plodding on in the same direction (which may not be the correct direction) and never realising there is an alternative.

I feel that I have a good understanding of what I want to achieve now and a much clearer plan of how I might do it – small goals as part of a bigger picture is a good approach and the coaching helps the individual see that bigger picture (often hard to do) and gives step by step techniques on how to get there. People just need to keep checking that their big picture is still what they want to achieve.”

“I feel I am much more focused on what I really want, I’m more aware of what energises me and the things that can makes me happy.”

” Now most people think that I’m organised and tidy and I am when I’m at the office. At home though it’s a different matter… basically because there always seems to be something more interesting to do. Claire did a phone coaching session with me – so I was able to look around at the problem whilst she worked through it with me! That weekend I stayed at home and get my teeth into it. Well, I can now see the floor in my office at home and she’s helped me to put more structure into dealing with problem. It makes such a difference being able to have everything to hand rather than throwing things into a bag and hoping that I’ve got everything and knowing that I can’t do some things because I don’t have the technology there.

So, if you also have paperwork piled up, filing cabinets overflowing and can’t remember what your desk actually looks like or you have something else in your life that you need to think differently about then get in touch with Claire.”

“Claire helped me to clarify my thinking about what I wanted to achieve. She helped me eliminate obstacles I thought existed and to see how I could after all achieve my aim of improving my fitness (through regular exercise). I have been able to do this and now feel all the better for it.”

“I wanted to have a coach to keep me on track, increase my motivation and help me see things more clearly. Claire’s listening and questioning skills were excellent and she always acknowledged my values and strengths. The most valuable exercise was breaking down my working week to calculate the hours I do, how I could be more effective and improve my work-life balance- this really changed the way I view things.”

“Claire was really flexible with my needs; and patient when I needed to just have general counselling for the first few sessions. I would highly recommend her for feedback and work to keep you focussed and breaking large seemingly impossible tasks into smaller bite-sized chunks. Our last session which was a self-confidence hypno-therapy session was probably my favourite session, and I look forward to topping it up in the months to come!”

“I think that the development session has really contributed to my personal development. It was an opportunity to discuss and reflect on my personality in a secure and relaxed environment. It allowed me to see which areas of my personality/ attitude would fit in with the management style of my company and which features would not work well.”

“It was really valuable to discuss development with someone who understands what’s involved and can offer feedback. Claire was a responsive and insightful interviewer in both instances; promoting the occasion for discussion and inputting constructive criticism as required.”

“I was very impressed with how the first session went and how you managed to pick my brain apart”

“The coaching session has identified my weaknesses and skills that I feel I need development on. In addition when this was discussed with Claire we managed to produce very practical solutions to achieve the objectives.”

“Talking through my development areas in depth helped me find practical tools; I felt really supported and empowered.”

“I had a wonderful weekend after the session. I couldn’t believe it. I felt more positive than I have in a very long time and I also had a very positive week afterwards. It’s been 2 weeks now and I do feel better than I did before the session.”

Moving on after a difficult break up
“I wish I had started working with you earlier. I feel more positive as I have made more progress in a few sessions with you than I did in 6 months of counselling. The techniques you have taught me really have made a difference.”

Long term negative psychological association with in-laws
“After this session I was able to spend 3 and half days with my in laws over the Christmas break without becoming affected by any negative comments directed towards me and without becoming involved in making ‘My’ point – I was able to just let things go, and treat them as unimportant! – This session has enabled me to over come a huge personal hurdle & enable my Husband & I to enjoy a relaxing Christmas time at my in laws – something I never though would be possible! The very best Christmas present I could have wished for – Thank you!”

Finding the perfect partner
“The exercise i found most valuable was when you asked me to picture myself in a dating situation, to see how I felt and how I felt other people saw me. I also found the exercise where I noted down my values and the values I am looking for in a potential partner extremely helpful. It made me realise that I haven’t found someone yet because I am waiting for someone who really fulfils my expectations. Perhaps my expectations are too high but I’d rather that than compromise my values.”

“I had felt incredibly (and incapacitatingly) nervous both during my mock driving test and my penultimate driving lesson. Nerves demonstrated themselves physically, for example, my feet would shake uncontrollably over the controls, and also mentally, as I was unable to assess situations on the road clearly. All this was nerves rather than a problem with driving as my driving had been fine, except in the run up to the test. I had failed my test 5 times over the years.

Both in my final driving lesson and the test itself I felt much calmer and more relaxed than before and my anxiety levels were low. In particular, during my driving test, there were only a couple of times where I felt my nerves at all, and even then they felt under control. I did feel the adrenaline which is normal when you’re in a situation where you want to prove yourself, but instead of being incapacitated, I was able to give my best performance. I passed my driving test after only a few sessions with Claire and I do believe that these sessions helped considerably, both in making me calmer by reducing my anxiety and giving me the self-belief I needed to pass.

I was happy with Claire’s initial consultation, as I felt she asked enough questions to understand the nature of my fear of driving tests. Also, before beginning any hypnosis she explained what would happen and if I was happy to continue. I always felt like Claire listened to my answers or my feedback and thought carefully how to adapt techniques to suit me throughout our sessions. For example, I had a difficulty visualising situations during hypnosis. I was pleased with the approach Claire took to this problem, including using a questionnaire on thinking styles to see whether any of my other senses other than vision could be used during hypnosis.

I am very happy to recommend Claire. She was professional, tailored her approach for me and created an environment where I was both comfortable discussing the background to my problem, and where I trusted her fully (which is important when you’re allowing someone to put you in a hypnotised state!).”

“The examiner was very nice and I explained I was very nervous and a recovered agoraphobic, so he understood that I might get stressed. However, I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would once I got going and by the time I had finished I felt that I was driving pretty well and confidence was at about 7-8” (out of 10).

“The time went very quickly too which surprised me. I think that the session we had last night really enforced the feeling that I could do it and I was reasonably calm for the rest of the evening – I also slept better that I had done before.

I played the ‘stress’ CD before bed and again this morning and though the nerves were beginning to build, they were not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I did all the ironing, as we agreed to distract me, which took me up to time to get ready and I also did plenty of the relaxing breathing etc. I think all in all that everything we have done worked for me and I can’t think of anything that didn’t.

My driving instructor also said that she was very pleased with the result, since she honestly thought that I wouldn’t get into the test centre, let alone complete a test. Thanks again Claire – without your help I wouldn’t have gone through with the test!!”

Claire to client:
“Its been a pleasure working with you and I have to say absolutely terrific the way you have embraced each and every technique I have suggested to you. I really have seen a fantastic difference in your self-talk and how much more positive and confident you have become 🙂 So keep up the good work.”

Client’s reply:
“It’s nice to know that I am making progress – and it’s all thanks to you. A reinforcer might help although I feel that I can’t get my nerves totally under control but at least I am 500% better than I was.”

“Hi Claire

Guess what!!!! I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t believe it – made what seemed like lots of little mistakes and really messed up my reverse round the corner – but obviously not as much as I thought I did. So what can I say but THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU – I wouldn’t have done it without you.

At the moment I’m on cloud nine as you can imagine – now I just have to start driving solo!! So thanks again – it was well worth all the effort and you help will also be useful in other areas. I’m so glad I had both you and my driving instructor in my corner!!! Will keep you name and number on file just in case I need anything further!!!

Kindest regards…”

28th September (e-mail)

I would be interested in talking to you to see if you can help me prepare for my motorbike test. I read an awful lot on various forums about people being nervous, but that doesn’t help me and there doesn’t seem to be any helpful material on how to resolve bike test nerves.

I’m afraid it’s all a bit last minute because up until the last few days I felt fairly confident and ready. The first part of my test (the bike test is now 2 parts taken at separate times) is on Friday. I had a lesson on Saturday and although it wasn’t a complete disaster, it did enough to kill my confidence.

Every time I get on the bike now I am tense and nervous and although I keep telling myself positive messages and trying to visualise success – the negative stuff is still on the surface. I’m based in Berkshire, so it would have to be phone consultation.

2nd October (e-mail)

Hi Claire, It seems this stuff really works, as I passed Mod 1!!!! I didn’t get around to any of the relaxing stuff, only what was on the recording, but I did find that really useful. I was much calmer. I had a great ride last night, and an ok one this morning. I kept up with the affirmations too. I think if I’d started earlier I could have been in much more control and more positive, but I felt about 90% confident. Thank you so much for your help.

21st October (e-mail)

Hi Claire, just wanted to let you know that I passed my Mod 2 bike test on  Thursday – with flying colours actually. I got only 2 faults (anything up to 10 allowed and most people who pass get between 1 and  5). Interestingly I actually spotted a lot more faults and I really believe that it was my confidence that won the day.

The examiner said that he was very impressed with my riding and bike control. I had a few nerves but was actually very confident and even looking forward to the test. I had only one lesson (Friday) after we spoke on Wednesday and that went so well that I decided not to ride again before the test. I did lots of mental rehearsal and listened to your track.

Of course it felt fantastic and I’m looking forward to getting out on the open road today and living out all those mental images I’ve been playing over and over in my head. I owe you a large piece of my success, and thank you very much for all your help.

“I want to thank you for your help over the last 24 hours, your assistance was instrumental in my desicion to continue today and succesfully answering 8 of the 9 questions without prompting, which was sufficient for me to pass the task. Once again, my sincere gratitude…”

The following is the result of 1 coaching session plus free follow up resources sent via email:

“Dear Claire …… there is no WIFi at my mum’s old house so I don’t take my compute. Returned yesterday and yours is my first email! I have to say it (reading the eulogy at Mum’s funeral) went even better than I had ever expected. I read your tips I had noted with you during the days before the funeral and read the notes you sent by email as follow up advice before going to bed two nights before. I lost my voice with another cold only two days before and thought I wouldn’t be able to even read but in a strange way it made me even more hopeful that I could do it! I dosed myself with lemon & honey and sucked “Vocalzone” tablets that someone recommended and on the day I actually got through it. I made as many funny bits in the eulogy between the emotional bits as you suggested and tried to breathe and did the mindfulness tips whilst trying to get through the hymn before my turn to speak. I felt my mum’s presence as she was quite close to me as I read [I can’t really explain it but I was proud in the end that I got through 20 minutes of talking and I didn’t cry]. I can’t believe I’m writing this but so many people said it was a wonderful eulogy and even my husband was impressed!!

I know you helped me in those weeks building up to the day so much and I will always be deeply grateful. I’m glad I came to see YOU and not anyone else and I know I can contact you in the future when I will need help again at some point, I’m sure.

With my best wishes with my thanks once more.”

“Hi Claire, finally have a chance to write to you! I know you wanted to know how the wedding day went, and I have so much to thank you for! Well the entire day was perfect! I had no nerves what so ever, I was really surprised at how laid back I felt the night before, which was manic , cooking for everyone at my house!

On the morning the flowers arrived, which were perfect, then we loaded up the car with people/outfits/flowers and I drove to matara, I even felt ok driving after my earlier bump in the car.
The lady came to do our hair and makeup, the photographers showed up and I posed happily for photos without a second thought. I did try and grab a moment to myself in the meditation room, but there was a huge wasp in the room and I couldn’t relax at all!!, it seems I didn’t need it anyway! I nearly cried when I heard the pianist playing our music, but held it together!

I walked down the aisle looking forward with my head up and feeling proud of myself and my girls! Everyone was beaming at me, including Stephen at the end of the aisle! I said my vows loudly and clearly, looking straight into Stephens eyes, and he did the same. Afterwards everyone close to me came up and said how confident I had looked, and how lovely we had looked saying our vows to each other. I really enjoyed receiving the compliments!

It was so fantastic being treated like royalty for the day, the caterers, wedding planner, musicians everyone went out of their way to make our day amazing!

And of course behind the scenes there was you, you helped make me enjoy my wedding day to the full, you showed me where my confidence was to walk the aisle, and made me believe I could be beautiful and interesting. it’s hard to believe I had been dreading this day only a few months ago! I really can’t thank you enough Claire, your amazing!” 

“The hypnotherapy and NLP session with Claire was very useful. We started off with an evaluation form which was very thought provoking and set a good professional scene for the hypnotherapy as well as certain targets to focus on. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and I was ‘conscious’ all the time – just in a deeply relaxed state. Claire used some very powerful images and the NLP techniques were useful to ground them such as using anchoring to recall the image – something you could do anywhere if you needed it!

I was very impressed. I found the goal setting & Locus of Control documents fascinating, I think its marvellous the way Claire works. The anchoring method she taught me hasn’t just been useful for me but also my partner. I taught it to him and he benefited hugely from using this to calm his nerves during a presentation where he needed to feel more confident and lower his anxiety levels.

I think these sessions are really empowering – we are unable to achieve so many things simply through blocks in our mind which hypnotherapy and NLP techniques are able to help significantly. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

“Repeating positive affirmations daily and using visualisation has helped a lot particularly in helping to develop positive expectations”

Stopping smoking following the Harmony4Life Advanced Stop Smoking Programme
“Following the Harmony4Life Stop Smoking Programme I found it surprisingly easy to stop smoking. I didn’t go out on the evening I gave up or the night after but went out the following week. Someone was smoking at my table and I was offered a cigarette. I explained that I quit and they apologised for offering me a cigarette and I told them that they could keep offering me a cigarette and it wouldn’t bother me. I have been out with other people who smoke since the session and didn’t find it as difficult as I thought. I didn’t even think about it, it just doesn’t occur to me to smoke. It proves the hypnotherapy obviously works as I haven’t had any twinges or sense of loss. I have no problems recommending you to anyone who will listen, the programme has been brilliant, really good value and I am extremely impressed.”

“I’ve stopped smoking no problem, I have no desire to smoke. I’ve really found it easy to stop and I know there are benefits to look forward to after a few more weeks/months.”

Nail biting
“I haven’t bitten my nails once since our hypnotherapy session” (6 months after one session).

I contacted Claire about some long-term stress and anxiety issues I have. When we had our initial phone consultation she really put me at ease, and she could relate to and sympathise with the problems I have having, which was really comforting and reassuring. Claire and I had regular Skype consultations; the techniques we went through were really easy to follow and implement and really helped me to take a step back and manage my feelings and emotions. Her session follow-up email contained further useful resources and tools to look at, some from her own website. There isn’t a day goes by where I don’t pause and put into practise something from Claire’s session, and I know it will be with help me a long time moving forward.

“I had one session of hypnotherapy for ‘stress management/ability to focus’. This is a summary of the session:
– Excellent exploration of the issues prior to hypnotherapy
– Really good pace and relaxing tone of voice
– Good explanation of process of session and what to expect

It really helped me to know I could remember that sense of deep relaxation, to step back for a few minutes and focus on what is really important and what are just distractions. I slept really well that night and felt so much calmer the day after the session of hypnotherapy for stress. I still feel able to cope with the demands and prioritisation is much better than the weeks leading up to the session.”

Stress caused by over work
“I felt better after the session more calm and in control – more logical in my approach to work and life, so more efficient.”

“Its so relaxing I wish I could have hypnotherapy every day, that was lovely thanks!”

“I am really pleased and proud of my fitness progress thanks so much.  The sessions have been great so far- very helpful thanks.”

“I’m now 16 stone 7, so I’m over 1 stone lighter than about 2 months ago, it’s all going in the right direction.  I have been promoted to director too and have received feedback that my performance has vastly improved and I am much more approachable and easy to work with.  Thanks for all your help, I feel much stronger now and am back on track.”

“I feel as if my urge for indulging in unhealthy food and overeating has gone.  I have said no to all junk food since our hypnotherapy session despite the kids and my husband eating chips and other stuff.  Also usually when I start my period I tend to binge eat; my period started a few days after our session and I didn’t binge eat once.  I’m really sold on hypnotherapy now!” 

“I have so much more control since we started cognitive behavioural coaching and now always choose healthier options in terms of food, drink and exercise.  Your suggestion of eating five fruit/ veg a day really helped because it makes me feel so much better about myself.  Overall I feel more confident and happier.”

“Just wanted to let you know, my wife and I went to an old mates wedding last night and following our session on Thursday I have been very positive, been to the gym and I can already see results in my tummy being a tad smaller, managed to get into a nice shirt and jeans that I haven’t worn for some time, the night went brilliantly well and I did get very merry but that aside I felt absolute incredible, really high and confident and very similar to the elation I mentioned years back.  Just wanted you to know that I feel that we’re making progress.”

I chose Claire’s Walk-Talk therapy as I had been uncomfortable with other counselling in a more formal setting. Being able to be in the outdoors and enjoying the scenery made it a positive and more relaxed experience.

Claire was able to provide me with some new skills to help me find better ways of dealing with how I feel and find a way to move forwards. Genuine and really kind; Claire leaves me with positivity and more clarity at the end of every session.

How I can help you...

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