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Do you have a fear of public speaking? Join the club! Discover how to speak and perform with confidence.

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is incredibly common. But it doesn't have to hold you back! The Fear of Public Speaking Programme can help you overcome this anxiety and embrace the opportunity to confidently share your ideas and experiences.

Don't let fear hold you back. Become a confident speaker in any situation.

Ready to conquer your fear of public speaking?

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Transform Public Speaking and Performance Anxiety into Confidence

The Fear of Public Speaking Programme is a unique blend of therapy and practical techniques designed to help you overcome public speaking anxiety and perform confidently.

What's Covered in the Fear of Public Speaking Programme?

This isn't your average presentation skills course. We go beyond basic techniques to help you unlock the authentic confidence that empowers you to speak with clarity, connect with your audience, and finally break free from stage fright.

The Fear of Public Speaking Programme is a six-part journey designed to transform you into a confident and impactful speaker. You'll gain essential knowledge, hone effective preparation skills, conquer nerves and anxiety, and finally deliver presentations with impact and ease.

No Fear: Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Public Speaking? You're Not Alone. Overcome Stage Fright.
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A photo of a person's hands next to their torso while giving a presentation. Body language reflects our feelings.
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A photograph of a woman, visibly nervous and displaying signs of performance anxiety.

What people are saying...

“To Claire, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help and expertise with public speaking. This week I was asked to present and spoke without any fear in front of 40 people, some of which were at senior management level. I have my enjoyment of public speaking back! Thank you so much- it’s a gift. To go from where I was to where I am now in weeks feels magical! There are no limitations for me in my job now- I can enjoy it all, which feels wonderful. Your work is very special. Huge thanks”
“I just wanted to say that the (best man's) speech couldn’t have gone any better. I used the numerous techniques we spoke about. I do really want to watch it back now too as I received a lot of compliments on the speech, I received a lot of laughs, and a lot of people i didn’t know got up to shake my hand on the way back to my seat. I even got stopped on my way out by the mother and father of the bride, who I’d met on the day to say how good the speech was and they were pleased that they had friends like me. Even got a couple of compliments saying I must do public speaking on a regular basis which was extremely nice to hear!! I also do have to say that I felt so pumped after the speech I hope it’s not the last time I have to give one! Thank you for all the help and the guidance as it really did help and made it an enjoyable experience in the end!”
"I have to say it (reading the eulogy at Mum’s funeral) went even better than I had ever expected. I read your tips I had noted with you during the days before the funeral and read the notes you sent by email as follow up advice before going to bed two nights before. I made as many funny bits in the eulogy between the emotional bits as you suggested and tried to breathe and did the mindfulness tips whilst trying to get through the hymn before my turn to speak. I was proud in the end that I got through 20 minutes of talking and I didn’t cry. So many people said it was a wonderful eulogy and even my husband was impressed! I know you helped me in those weeks building up to the day so much and I will always be deeply grateful. I’m glad I came to see YOU and not anyone else."
“Hi Claire, I’ve been noticing some real improvements with myself both in professional and social environments. Almost all of my “symptoms” when I have to speak in front of people have all but gone, except from the occasional butterflies which I feel is very normal. It’s hard to put my finger on the exact cause of these improvements, I feel it’s more an accumulation of the many coaching/exercises you’ve taken me through. I feel I have achieved the goals we have set out, thank you for all of your efforts with me, you’ve really helped me and I am very grateful. I’ll be in touch if I need anymore coaching😊 All the best”

Keep the Momentum Going with the Confidence Collective Club!

The Fear of Public Speaking Programme equips you with powerful skills, but practice is key to long term success. Join a supportive community for ongoing practice, valuable experience, and a safe space to refine your skills to lock in long term success.

Here's how it benefits you:

Person looking confident while speaking on stage at a podium.

Imagine your life free from stage fright

My clients have achieved these successes, and you can too! Imagine the possibilities...

These are just a few examples. What would YOU achieve?

How would you know you were free from stage fright? What would be different? What would people notice about you? What would you be doing differently?

Take control of your confidence! Schedule a free consultation to discuss overcoming stage fright and unlocking your full potential.

Read inspiring success stories from my clients who have conquered 'anxiety' and 'social anxiety.'...

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